Little Affirmations Books for
Happy & Fulfilled Children

Ready to create magical bonding moments with your child?

(in only 10 minutes a day)

Have you heard the saying?

“Whether you think you can,

or you think you can’t

– you’re right.”

More and more people are becoming aware of their own inner voice. You know those internal whispers of positive or negative self-talk. They directly impact the way we deal with people, situations, and challenges. When a person goes into the world knowing they are loved and safe; this directly influences how they see and deal with the world. This includes children.

Our mindset starts from a young age and develops over time. If we say positive affirmations on a daily basis (especially as a child), this will help us think positively in the future. Having a positive attitude does not always come naturally. But over time it becomes easier if you practice being positive regularly.

If you can say positive things to yourself (as an adult or a child) about your life and your ability to be successful, then you will feel positive inside.

Repetition is an important part of creating long-term habits. Accepting challenges, issues, and failures, is important for success. Having a positive frame of mind allows you to see these “setbacks” in a different light. 

Our Little Affirmations Books is a series of books beautifully designed

to teach children how they can open up and talk freely about their thoughts.

By repeating these little affirmations every day, children will start to trust you and themselves. Kids who learn how to identify their emotions at a young age are able to do so later in life.

But let me ask you this ….

What different opportunities would your child experience if they felt they could achieve anything?

If you are thinking of all the possibilities …

Then we would love to be part of that journey. We are offering more than a range of books. It’s sharing a toolbox they can use to build their own emotional resilience and self-esteem in years to come.


Little Affirmations


So many parents recognise the challenges and pressures that modern kids are facing nowadays. As a parent, you might be scared that in the future your child won’t seek help or support from you when challenges come up or times get rough. If you want to be the person they can turn to for help but you’re just not sure how to get started, I’ve got you covered!

Our range of books on mindset for young minds (3-6 yrs old) is a great tool to start working on this with them when they are young. You’ll learn ways to help develop their mindset in a fun and interactive way and create space for 1 to 1 bonding time that will help them to develop trust and love.

My mission is to empower parents with self-care tools. Designed to develop a deeper bond and level of trust with their child. So, together they can talk more freely with their child about thoughts & feelings.


Our Range of Books

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What’s Included?

Each paperback has 80+ pages

24 Little Affirmations with beautiful illustrations

– To develop positive thoughts and feelings.

– Build confidence and self-esteem in themselves.

– More support to feel more confident about who they are.

– Allow them to be happier in their own skin.

Motivational Quotes

– To encourage children to be their best selves.

– Inspire them to do the things they love.

– Give them a boost of confidence.

– Provide a sense of security and belonging.

Space for expressive drawing

– So that they can learn how to express themselves creatively.

– Increase their self-esteem.

– Become more confident in their thoughts and feelings.

– Have a creative outlet for everything they’re feeling.

Alphabet and Number writing Practice

– To help improve their handwriting skills.

– Make learning fun and interactive for kids.

– So that they feel proud about completing the exercises.

Mini Journal

– Build character by being thankful for what you have.

– Helps children develop their creative writing skills.

– Develop a positive mindset.

– Encourage children to be grateful and appreciative of their lives.


The Launch Bonus

We are giving the bonus of our Kid’s Poster ” I am Loved” Gift Set, valued at £19, with any launch paperback orders. These posters are digital wall art for you to print and display in your children’s bedroom or playroom. They come in three sizes – A5, A4, A3.

To receive our special launch bonus, simply send us a message (use the contact form below) sharing the Date of Purchase and the Amazon Order Number.  

*This is a digital gift – no physical product will be sent. 

Let me

pull back the curtain and show you what others have said


I absolutely love the Little Affirmations books! They are designed with a modern minimalist flair, clean lines and wonderful illustrations. The tapping that is taught and encouraged throughout the books is an incredible tool to use as children go through life – it will serve them through any age! They are so sweet and we just love to tap on teddy!


I love the calm soft colours of these books and the affirmations. There are cute illustrations to keep the little ones interested and even has pages to write letters and words. The steps are simple and easy to follow for little kids. These are absolutely helpful for all parents who are looking to build confidence, self love in their kids.


Little affirmation books for happy and fulfilled children are an amazing tool to share time with your kid, have beautiful illustrations that will help you to remind you and your kid how amazing and loved they are!

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